When It Is Time To Switch Careers

When you are a high school senior you re probably unaware of what challenges a certain carrier brings. Also, sometimes kids do not even know what a profession they are about to choose means. However, they have to make a decision. The main argument is a potential salary, but doing something you do not like just for money is extremely stressful.

Even if you have made the right choice at the time, over the years, you might figure out that you were wrong. But how to tell if it I time to switch career? Here are some of the most common signs you should consider other options.

You Got Bored

From time to time we all feel exhausted and bored by our work. However, if this feeling is permanent and not related to your current work task, you might start considering a career change. There is nothing worse than having to go to work every morning and knowing you will not feel the slightest joy of doing it.

You Feel Jealous

If you are jealous of your friend and her career, it might be an indicator that you are not satisfied with yours. We do not talk about the accomplishments of your colleagues, but the career choices and general satisfaction of other people. You should not feel guilty or ashamed for these feelings. Instead, start thinking what your true passion is.

You are Feeling Like you are Wasting Your Potential

If you do not receive any sort of recognition in your work environment, you might start feeling that you are wasting your potential. This is especially common among people who are stuck, and there is no possibility that they will get a promotion any time soon. If you are convinced that you could offer much more if you switch career, then start thinking about other options.

You are Under Constant Stress and do not Feel the Passion Toward Your Job Anymore

If you are not satisfied with your career choice, you will feel more stressed than people who do the job they love. Long-term exposure to stressful situations can cause many serious health problems, and lead to anxiety and depression.

You Cannot Stop Thinking About Quitting

If you cannot stop thinking about quitting your job, then it is the time to start reconsidering your career choice. Every job has its ups and downs. However, if this unpleasant feeling persists, and you are no longer motivated to stay in the position, you could talk to a professional about your options.

The Bottom Line

If you have already decided to switch career, consider upgrading your skills. Think about what makes you happy and go for it. In the best case scenario, you will start preparing for the new job even before you quit the old one. The thing is, if you are feeling unhappy, your boss has probably noticed that too. Therefore, quitting might be a better option than being fired. You can even switch to a part-time job to have time to work on your new skills.

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  1. andre l.

    I did just this – and it was because of a company making me feel like i’m wasting my years with doing just paperwork and not caring about my progress.



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