How To Perform Well On A Job Interview

If you are fresh out of university, you probably think that the days of your skill and knowledge being put to the test are over. If that is the case, you cannot be more wrong. The most important test is yet to come, and it is called a job interview.

After you send your CV, a potential employer will call you for an interview. If you want to leave a good first impression and increase your chances of getting hired, make sure to follow these tips:

Do Your Research

Do not be lazy and google the company. Find out what they do or sell. Get to know the products and services. Think about what your role would be and how you could improve the business. Find as many information as you can. An interviewer will recognize the effort.

Dress for the Success

Dress for the job you want, not the job you have. This should be your mantra as well. You want to look confident, reliable, and professional. Ask around does the company has a dress code, and pick your outfit according to that. Jeans and sneakers are not a good option. The last thing you want is to look unprofessional.

Practice Communication Skills

Good communication is the key to a successful job interview. Avoid using slang and go easy on jokes. Non-verbal communication is also important. It includes using your hands while talking, the way you sit, eye contact, and active listening.

It is okay to use hands to emphasize what you are saying, but not go overboard with it. Also, do not cross them, you will look scared and defensive. When an interview is talking, listen, maintain eye contact and nod your head.

Be Prepared for the Questions

Research the most common job interview questions, and prepare the answers. Think about what you have to say regarding the questions and avoid generic answers and cliches. Focus on your previous experience and accomplishments, rather than theory.

If you are well-prepared, you will be able to ask the relevant questions. That way, you will show initiative and seem interested. However, do not ask about the salary. Your potential employer will probably mention that first.

Be Confident

If you want to be confident, you have to be prepared for unexpected questions. This is the skill that relies on your communication skills, and to be honest, your charm. Smile, and answer truthfully. If you start to ramble just to avoid the answer, you will send the wrong message. Stay focused and to the point.

Sell Your Skills

This is probably easier said than done. The whole purpose of showing confidence during a job interview is to be able to sell your skills. A potential employer has to recognize that X-factor in you and to realize that you are the perfect fit for the job. Set yourself for the success and explain to the interviewer why are you the best candidate for the position.

The Bottom Line

If you are well-prepared for the interview, you should not feel too nervous. However, this unpleasant feeling in most cases you cannot avoid. Luckily, by following the listed tips, your fear will not compromise the success.


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