What are Most Important Characteristics of a Good Employee

If you are an employer or you are in charge with a team of people, you are probably aware that some people are better workers than others. Sometimes, their quality is obvious, but in some cases, you just cannot determine what makes a good employee.

If you are currently hiring, here are some important characteristics of a good employee.

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An intelligent worker will be able to think ahead. It is essential for preventing potential issues before they even appear. Also, they will more likely be able to handle tasks with fewer instructions, and you will not need to micro-manage them.

Intelligent people will more likely suggest new and innovative ideas, or find new and effective ways of dealing with challenges.


Good writing and speaking communication skills are a key characteristic particularly for the positions that include constant interaction with clients or customers. Politeness, eye contact, and assertiveness are only some traits you should look for in a potential employee.

The message they send to their colleagues also has to be clear so the team can operate on an optimum level.

Leadership Skills

Natural leaders have good management skills and perform well under pressure. They can organize and manage the team and show ambition. These employees will more likely climb the corporate ladder.

Organizational Skills

An employee with good organizational skills will be more effective and will be able to meet deadlines. Even if they are not born leaders, you will benefit from those individuals because of their high efficiency.

Strong Work Ethics

Employees with strong work ethic are able to set and achieve goals. They are also responsible and reliable allies. They will gladly stay late to complete their tasks even if you do not ask them to do so. However, make sure your employers take a break to avoid burn-out syndrome.


Ambitious employee wants to learn. They are constantly trying to improve their skill as well as the business. They will never be satisfied unless they have the opportunity to grow and be promoted.


A good employee is able to embrace the change and let go of old ways of handling tasks. They are also eager to adopt new skills and embrace new goals. Flexible individuals will also adapt more easily to their new work environment.

Team Worker

Team worker will accept shared responsibility and learn how to trust other team members. They are good communicators and great colleagues. Big companies are always looking for people with a history of collaboration. Also, team workers are selfless and ready to help.


Another important characteristic of a good employee is self-motivation. It means that they do not need to supervise them all the time. They will work hard consistently, and they will not ask for a reward.


The perfect employee is very hard to find, especially if you do not know what to look for in a potential candidate. Self-motivation, intelligence, flexibility, strong work ethic, and leadership skills are only some of the traits you should look for in a person you want to hire.

However, lack of one of those skills is not a deal-breaker. If an employee is ready to learn, you can help them become the best version of themselves.

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